• Kacper Kazaniecki

AIHack 2018

Imperial's annual AI Hackathon

Given a choice of four challenges, we chose the road accident challenge. This challenge involved using the database of all road accidents in 2016 to create something useful and interesting.

Our final project was an interactive extension to Google Maps which, given a car journey, would highlight the most dangerous sections of the journey. Therefore in times when the driver needs to pay attention the most, the system will alert them and hopefully make the roads a safer place.

In this project, I was mainly responsible for the front-end of the extension. Using JavaScript I embedded a Google map on a website and used the Google Maps and Roads API to gather the necessary data required and highlight the route accordingly. I further had to integrate our accident risk evaluator written in Python to work on the website.

This was my team's and I first hackathon and we really enjoyed the experience.

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