• Kacper Kazaniecki

iCan: A-level EPQ Project

In my EPQ project, I wanted to develop my mobile app development skills. Since I was already very familiar with Android and iOS app development, I decided to try out a new platform Xamarin.

Xamarin is a cross-platform tool that allows the developer to program one main code base in C# and then, with minor platform-specific UI alternations, you can export the project as a native app for Android, iOS and UWP.

My school had a great personal achievement tracking website created in FileMaker, however, it didn't work on mobile phones. Therefore I developed the native mobile apps for pupils and teachers to use. I had to integrate my system with the school database by using SQL as well as FileMaker custom web publishing XML queries.

I really enjoyed doing this project as I've learnt many new technologies and skills.

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