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Smart Mirror

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

This is a short hobby project for home decoration.

I had an old laptop which was just collecting dust in my room so decided to rip out the screen from it and make a Smart Mirror by connecting it to a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and covering the screen with a two way acrylic mirror.

There is an open source project called MagicMirror which provides the Electron framework and community made components that can be added onto the screen display. Here I'm using basic weather, time and news components.

For the next step, I want to create my own components and contribute to this open source project. I want to add raspberry pi camera as a 'notch' and run a facial recognition algorithm. This will allow the mirror to recognise who's standing in front of it and display their personalised profile screen with the components that they chose (e.g. showing their personal calendar feed). As I'm living with 3 other Imperial students, this will be a really cool gadget to have in the corridor as you walk in.

The other advantage of adding a camera would the the possibility of gesture controls such as swiping you hand to get the next news article.

I'm also thinking of integrating it with Alexa so that it could be voice controlled and be able to play audio.

I bought a frame on Amazon however had to cut internal components in order to fit the screen and electronics. With the help of Imperial's Advanced Hackspace, I use a laser cutter to adjust the frame as well as creating my own components in order to support the electronics as can be seen below.

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